Spoiler of *CURSED*

“I think the time you and Lea were together, everyone hated her, then she broke up and everyone praised her, they thought she was so smart to finally break up with the hell’s prince, and you were devastated…until the Cotup meeting, ‘was it a girl or is it that business just brings joy in your life.’ I had asked you and you had said ‘business’ but I knew the smile of love better than you.” Jac says as she throws another stone into the ocean.

“I remember, you figured it out though, very quickly but how?” I ask a smile fighting hard to rise across my face.

“Maybell said these exact words to me ‘there was this guy, he was crowned the new king of hell and he stared at me the whole time and I couldn’t help but stare back, he was just, the perfect combination of lips, cheeks, eyes and I loved everything about him from the moment I saw him.’ And I knew she meant you because you were being crowned the king of hell that day.” She says. “yea, turned everyone’s life… upside down.” That day I can still see the day clearly in my mind. “when you think of her… you smile and your eyes sparkle, do you know what she always told me?” I looked at Jac and shuck my head in a ‘no’ kind of way. “she used to say ‘his blue eyes sparkle and my heart leaps into my mouth.’ The way she said it made it special even though it sounds yuck as shit right now.” She rubs her hands together and blows in them.

….then I met you.